On Wednesday afternoon, the Toronto Raptors agreed on a deal that will send Pascal Siakam in a trade to the Pacers in exchange for Bruce Brown Jr. and three 1st round picks. The New Orleans Pelicans are also involved in this trade and will be sending Kira Lewis Jr. to Toronto, as well as a 2026 2nd round pick to the Pacers. This is the second major trade in less than a month after the OG Anunoby trade that saw him sent to the New York Knicks, and it is sure to shake up the Eastern Conference’s layout for the remainder of the season. Let’s take a look at what this deal means for both teams.

Trade Grades: Pacers and Raptors Agree on Pascal Siakam Trade

Indiana Pacers: B-

The Pacers finally landed a star player to partner with Tyrese Haliburton, albeit at a hefty price. Siakam is a free agent after this season, and there is no guarantee that the two-time All-Star will opt to resign.

OUT: Bruce Brown Jr., 2024 1st round pick(unprotected), 2024 1st round pick(least favorable between Rockets, Clippers, Jazz, Thunder), 2026 1st round pick(unprotected)

Brown was the crown jewel of the Pacers offseason and has been a crucial piece in the lineup, averaging 12.1 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 3.0 assists. The loss of Brown’s multi-faceted production on both ends of the floor will certainly weigh on Indiana.

Siakam turns 30 in April and could potentially leave in the offseason, so parting ways with three 1st round picks is a massive risk taken by Indiana. The Pacers were always likely to trade some of those picks, given the plethora of young players already on the roster, but to trade three of their eight remaining 1st round picks until 2030 is an aggressive move that will shape the course of this franchise, for better or worse. This move also signals a vote of confidence from the front office in guys such as Bennedict Mathurin and Jarace Walker, both of whom were heavily rumored to be involved in any potential deal for Siakam.

IN: Pascal Siakam, 2026 2nd round pick

All risk aside, Siakam will be a tremendous fit in Indiana’s dynamic offense, which is on pace to be the highest scoring in NBA history. Haliburton and Siakam will be a fearsome duo in the pick and roll. Haliburton is averaging 9.4 PNR actions, generating 10.7 points per game on those possessions, a mark that is the fifth highest in the league. Siakam thrives in the mid-range and the paint, giving Haliburton a weapon that he has never had in his four years in the NBA.

Myles Turner will also pair well with Siakam, as the former Texas product’s floor spacing ability gives Siakam the ability to do most of his damage inside the three point line. The Pacers have enough shooting around Siakam to negate the need for him to shoot many threes, Although Siakam is a somewhat respectable 32.7% three-point shooter, the Pacers have enough shooting to negate the need for him to take many threes.

Toronto Raptors: A

OUT: Pascal Siakam

After dealing Anunoby to the Knicks, it was clear that GM Masai Ujiri had finally initiated a full rebuild in Toronto. An extension seemed unlikely for Siakam in Toronto, and it seems that the Raptors have gotten the best haul they could ask for as they enter a new era.

IN: Bruce Brown Jr., Kira Lewis Jr., 2024 1st round pick(least favorable between Rockets, Clippers, Jazz, Thunder), 2026 1st round pick(unprotected)

Brown is a solid player who can help any team, yet is unlikely to remain in Toronto in the long-term. He is in the midst of a 2 year, $45 million deal with a team option on the second year, meaning that the Raptors could opt to free up cap space by letting him walk in the summer. Brown is also an extremely attractive trade target for contending teams, and can be dealt for the second time this season.

Lewis Jr. has struggled for playing time in New Orleans this season, having appeared in only three games since December 13th. It remains to be seen whether Toronto will opt to keep the fourth-year man out of Alabama.

Acquiring three 1st round picks for a player who is unlikely to extend his expiring contract is a a huge win for the Raptors. While the draft picks received in the Siakam trade are unlikely to be lottery selections, Ujiri has already shown he is quite adept at finding value towards the end of the 1st round. Siakam himself was drafted 27th back in 2016, as well as Anunoby being taken 23rd in 2017. Ujiri has also managed to find serviceable role players outside the lottery, including current Raptor Malachi Flynn and the Boston Celtics’ Dalano Banton.

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