Appears Owen Tippett‘s rounding into shape has translated into a cash haul as he re-signs with the Philadelphia Flyers. The eight-year contract extension sees him signed until the conclusion of the 2031-32 season. The deal is worth $6.2 M per year. Furthermore, it may turn out to be a value deal for the Flyers the way Tippett is projecting. However, due to the overall lack of a more complete book of work for Tippett, it was reasonably so difficult to justify giving him any more.

Owen Tippett Re-Signs with the Club

For Owen Tippett, the fact that he re-signs with the Flyers has a nice wholesome feel to it. The man has been nothing but consistent. Tippett has played parts of three seasons with the Flyers, and likewise, before that with the Florida Panthers. Moreover, when we would like to refer to his consistency, look at his points per 60 minutes. Three times he has been above 2.1. Therefore, if you give him ice time, he should easily put up 60 points with someone of his frame. Crashing on the power play, Tippett can really prove his worth. Case in point, his career-high in P/60 on the power play was 4.9 back in 20-21. However, at this juncture of his career, he has been able to secure top power play time.

What Does This Mean for the Flyers

Let’s not forget, the Flyers as a team, are a sneaky bunch. Sean Couturier is an excellent two-way player. Additionally, they have high-end goal-scoring as well. The likes of Cam Atkinson and Travis Konecny are threats to put up 30. It helps too when this season coincided with goaltender Samuel Ersson emerging on the scene. In any sense, this is a good move for Philly and really shows support for the process. General Manager Daniel Briere is a smart hockey mind, and everyone seems to support his success. The Flyers are competitive, and the league should be put on notice.

Main photo: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

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