This article revolves around Dr Victor Chang death news. Australian cardiac surgeon Victor Peter Chang, AC, was the first to do a modern heart transplant in Australia. 

He was born in China. His murder in 1991, which shocked Australia, is regarded as one of the most infamous in the history of the nation. 

Chang received a state funeral before winning the People’s Choice Award for Australian of the Century 1999.

After completing his medical studies at the University of Sydney, he worked at St. Vincent’s Hospital. He then trained as a surgeon in the UK and the US before returning to Australia. 

He founded the nation’s premier lung and heart transplant facility, the National Cardiac Transplant Unit, at St. Vincent’s Hospital. 

Chang led the creation of the prosthetic heart valve, and his team performed heart transplants with a high success rate. 

As netizens are searching for Dr Victor Chang Death news and updates on his murder, we have collected some information and prepared this article.

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Remembering Dr Victor Chang Death: Murder Case Update

Dr Victor Chang death has shocked everyone as that was a brutal murder. Chang was shot twice in the head in the early hours of July 4, 1991, during an attempted extortion. 

In the Sydney district of Mosman, his body was discovered sprawled in the gutter behind his Mercedes-Benz 500SL.

From a magazine showing Asians who had “made it good” in Australia, Chang was chosen at random by two Malaysian men, Chew Seng (Ah Sung) Liew and Choon Tee (Phillip) Lim. 

Dr Victor Chang death news was very shocking for everyone. (Source: Wiki)

They forced Chang to pull over when they crashed their Toyota Corolla into his car. Liew fired the final bullets after arguing with Chang, who declined to pay them money.

The lethal second shot was fired at point-blank range, entering the right temple and going through the brain, while the first shot went through the right ear and out of the right cheek. 

Police detectives concluded that the death was an amateurish performance after first suspecting the involvement of Triad syndicates.

Trial And Memorial Of Dr Victor Chang

Since New South Wales had abolished the death penalty in 1985, Liew entered a guilty plea and was given a sentence of 26 years in jail followed by a 20-year non-parole period. 

Lim was given a minimum to the maximum sentence of 18 to 24 years. Lim pled not guilty and said he was unaware that Liew was in possession of a gun. 

A day before the murder, Stanley Ng, another individual, gave up on an extortion scheme. He had attempted, but failed, twice to imprison Chang to get him to contribute $3 million. 

Ng received immunity in exchange for his testimony. 

According to the prosecution, the aim was to kidnap Chang, tie him and his family up in their Clontarf house, and threaten to hang them to get Chang to take out a bank withdrawal.  

Following a 21-year sentence, Liew was given parole. He profusely apologized for the offense during his parole hearing and said his lengthy prison sentence had been beneficial. 

Dr Victor Chang Death
Dr Victor Chang saved hundreds of lives during his career. (Source: Mamamia)

Attorney General Greg Smith of NSW issued a brief protest, however, it was later withdrawn. 

On October 12, 2012, Liew was freed from prison and greeted by immigration officials. The following day, he was returned to Malaysia.

There was a state funeral for Chang. Chang was cremated, and his remains were interred in Green Park, Darlinghurst, across from St. Vincent’s Hospital, beneath a memorial plaque.

This is described as a “tragic circumstance” on the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute website.

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