It feels like just months ago, legions of fans around the world were on their feet, and everyone was saying “LA Knight, yeah” every Monday and Friday. That excitement has diminished, but it would be unwise to leave any gaps in predicting every LA Knight PLE until WrestleMania. He missed that show last year, and WWE won’t make that mistake again.

He’s gotten an opportunity and taken off, being one of SmackDown’s most prominent faces since well before his run-in with Roman Reigns.

While many fans online were hoping to see the megastar win a world title in Philadelphia, it seems unlikely that he will get that done. Instead, he will be building onto an impressive year and setting himself up to carry one of the two brands into the summer. 

Royal Rumble – Roman Reigns vs LA Knight vs AJ Styles vs Randy Orton (WWE Championship Fatal Four-way)

Predicting every LA Knight PLE until WrestleMania 40 is easy to start. We already know his plans for the first step on the road to WrestleMania, a Royal Rumble title opportunity. This tells us quite a bit, though, namely that LA Knight will not be winning the Royal Rumble match.

If he isn’t going to win the Rumble, then his shot at the WrestleMania main event is all but gone. However, Knight has made an all-star year of coming up a little short, and he has a shot to do it again. Four of SmackDown’s most popular stars are set to face off, and it can potentially steal the show from the signature Rumble matches. 

While nobody should take a pinfall loss in this matchup, it will almost certainly come at Knight’s expense. That, though, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With a good match against three bona fide main event stars and his enviable ability to take losses without losing fan support, he should emerge stronger than he went into the match.

Randy Orton and Roman Reigns likely have some unfinished business heading into Elimination Chamber, as he is connected to Cody Rhodes. When Roman pins Knight at Royal Rumble, the field will split, and Knight can get his win back and build momentum for his WrestleMania moment at WWE’s next international supercard. 

Elimination Chamber – LA Knight vs AJ Styles (Falls Count Anywhere)

SmackDown has made AJ Styles very plainly LA Knight’s chief rival. They have done a great job, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the two had a match at WrestleMania. Given the year that LA Knight has had and that the Elimination Chamber card needs solo bouts, that match will probably happen in Perth, not Philadelphia.

Both superstars are major players on SmackDown, and having some big singles fights will help to break up the chaotic pacing of the iconic Elimination Chamber matches, in which there could be conceivable four on the card in Australia. 

WWE has already sent LA Knight down to Australia to help promote the show, so he will absolutely get a featured role. Being just one member of a six-man match will limit his time; setting up a one-on-one feud where he can once again take center stage is far more likely to build his star back up.

A match with Styles will also let LA Knight display his in-ring prowess, which is often an overlooked part of Knight’s abilities.

Everyone talks about his connection with the WWE Universe, but not his skill in creating a fun match. Proving he has the skills to take on a former champion and one of the very best will do wonders for his career. Likewise, his one-on-one win will set him up for his first proper title victory in Philadelphia this spring.

WrestleMania 40 – LA Knight vs Logan Paul (United States Championship Match)

LA Knight as a character debuted in September of 2022. He has accomplished quite a bit in just over a year. After missing WrestleMania altogether last year, any match would be an upgrade. Given his surging popularity, though, it needs to be a significant match, and he has to have a win the fans can get behind.

The United States Championship would be an excellent prize, building Knight to the world title scene the way the Intercontinental Championship built Gunther to the top tiers of Raw.

That the match might be against the charismatic Logan Paul only makes it even more appealing. The promo work and the online banter between the influencer and the megastar could give the match a totally different feel from any other on the card. 

In predicting every LA Knight PLE until WrestleMania 40, fans have all been confident that Knight would finally get a WrestleMania win. In keeping him in the main event against stars like Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, and more, he would never get that time to share a victory with his legions of fans.

Logan Paul’s US Title reign has been relatively uneventful. Its only purpose seems to be ending at WrestleMania and giving a beloved babyface the celebrity spotlight that comes with facing off with Paul. The build could be incredible, with both guys having enough charisma to sell a title fight without ever coming to blows.

Paul losing to Knight will also give LA Knight more exposure, a function like a test run for when Knight finally gets to lead the company as world champion. 

Positively Predicting Every LA Knight PLE Until WrestleMania 40

A superstar as well-liked as LA Knight is a lock to appear on every show until the road to WrestleMania. Knight has already been dispatched overseas to sell Elimination Chamber, and he has a contract signing scheduled for the Royal Rumble go-home show that could be electrifying.

Knight’s star has fallen for a few months, and he went from Royal Rumble contender to US Title contender upon the arrival of The Rock and CM Punk at the start of 2024. He has had to bear the impact of these massive returns. The past two years have proven, though, that WWE just can’t keep a good megastar down. 

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