PBC have announced their first Amazon Prime Video PPV event, where Rolando Romero will take on Isaac Cruz in the first defence of his world title. Ryan Garcia (24-1, 20 KOs) had asked for the Romero fight – and Oscar De La Hoya has spoken to Fight Hub TV regarding those negotiations and teased a possible move for Garcia.

De La Hoya Teases Move to 147 for Ryan Garcia

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Isaac Cruz vs. Rolando Romero

In the interview with Fight Hub TV, De La Hoya was asked about the confusion around Garcia fighting “Rolly” and his reaction to the news Romero was now fighting “Pitbull” Cruz: “I think Rolly fighting Cruz is a great appetizer for what’s to come for Ryan.” He continued: “The winner of that fight can get into the sweepstakes – the Ryan sweepstakes.”

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When asked if Garcia and Romero was close to being finalised – De La Hoya explained they never heard back following an offer. 

The Future for Ryan Garcia

The American promoter confirmed fight plans for Garcia: “We have April 20th.” He then teased: “I’m going to announce something really, really big when it gets signed.

When asked about a possible Devin Haney fight for “KingRy,” the Golden Boy CEO said: “There’s no ships that have sailed. Ryan Holds the cards, Devin Haney holds the cards. All these champions are holding cards.” He continued: “We just have to be strategic here, but when I have something in writing, concrete, it will be a huge announcement.

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When asked outside of Haney what other PPV attractions are available for Garcia, the Golden Boy CEO smiled and said: “You never know, maybe he moves up to 147(lbs). I mean, who knows.

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