Nicolas Galy accident is linked to the death. The pilot in a bizarre aviation horror show severed the head of a skydiver wearing a wingsuit with a plane wing.

In a terrifying incident, a pilot severed a skydiver’s head with his aircraft wing.

Trialed in France for manslaughter, pilot Alain C, 64, killed skydiver Nicolas Galy, 40, by severing his skull with the left wing and strut of the single-engine aircraft.

The pilot reported that Galy, a veteran skydiver with 226 jumps under his belt, erred and caused the bizarre mishap.

According to Alain C, Mr. Galy “did not follow the expected course and should never have been on that course.”


“He was parallel to the plane, and I thought he was further north,” he continued. Let’s get into the article to learn about Nicolas Galy Accident which is linked to death.

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Nicolas Galy Accident Linked To Death

After skydiver Nicolas Galy leaped from his plane, Alain C. severed his head. The plane’s wing completely removed his head.

After being convicted of involuntary manslaughter, he was prohibited from flying.  

Nicolas Galy mentioned that he wasn’t accountable for it. His flying path seemed reasonable to him. His life has been tragic, but he is not to blame.

However, prosecutor Jeanne Regagnon asserted that Galy was correct. “The victim was the only one who obeyed the rules without negligence,” she stated.

Nicolas Galy accident has been a cause of death of the wingsuit skydiver. (Source: LBC)

Galy died in July 2018 after spending roughly 20 seconds jumping out of the plane with another skydiver.

Flying above Bouloc-en-Quercy, north of Toulouse in the south of France, they were at an altitude of almost 4,400 meters.

After the leap, the airplane dipped, and Galy and the other skydiver started gliding following the free dive. Galy’s body fell into the field through the parachute after the plane struck him.

The local parachute school employee, Alain C, admitted in court that he had not given the skydivers and parachutists any training. 

Pilot Nicolas Galy Banned And Arrested

After using his plane’s wing to decapitate a skydiver who was jumping from it, a French pilot has been barred from flying. 

Wearing a sleek wingsuit, Nicolas Galy, 40, was one of two passengers and ten parachutists who leaped out of the aircraft above Bouloc-en-Quercy, near Toulouse, in 2018. 

The jump occurred at approximately 14,000 feet.

However, his thrilling ride came to an abrupt end when, after just 20 seconds, he crashed into the plane’s wing, shearing his head off his shoulders and killing him on impact. 

The pilot, only identified in French media as 64-year-old Alain C., was handed a suspended sentence after a Montauban criminal court found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter on Tuesday. 

Alain was employed by the Midi-Pyrénées Skydiving School Association, which was fined twenty thousand euros. According to French media, half of the fine was deferred. 

Nicolas Galy Accident
After being convicted of involuntary manslaughter, he was prohibited from flying. (Source: Insider)

The pilot said he had assumed he was clear of the wingsuiters since he had not seen them. “It’s more complicated with the wingsuiters who go more in a straight line, compared with parachutists who are in free fall,” he stated.

“They don’t descend much and can conflict with the aircraft.”

Air accident investigators conducted an investigation and found that insufficient official procedures, Alain C’s quick and steep fall after losing sight of the skydivers, and the briefing failure were the leading causes of the tragedy.

The incident prompted tighter regulations for wingsuit diving. The case verdict will be released in November.

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