Get updates on Nicola Bulley autopsy and post-mortem report from this article. Is the British woman death, suicide or murder?

The death of Nicola Bulley, a 45-year-old mother of two, has been a mystery for months.

She disappeared on January 27, 2023, after dropping her children at school and walking her dog along the River Wyre in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire.

Her body was found in the river on February 19, 2023, after a massive search operation that involved police, divers, helicopters, dogs and drones.

The police faced criticism for their handling of the case, as well as for revealing private details of Bulley’s health struggles with alcohol and perimenopause.

The public also speculated wildly on social media about the possible causes and motives of her death, with some suggesting foul play or conspiracy.

Now, the results of the autopsy and post-mortem report have been released, shedding some light on what happened to Bulley and ruling out some of the theories that circulated online.

Nicola Bulley Autopsy Report: What Happened?

According to the autopsy report, Bulley died from drowning and was alive when she entered the water.

The pathologist who examined her body said there were no signs of injury or trauma that could indicate a struggle or an attack.

There were also no traces of alcohol or drugs in her system that could impair her judgment or coordination.

Nicola Bulley autopsy ruled out both suicide and murder as possible causes for her death. (Image Source: LBC)

The report concluded that Bulley’s death was accidental and that she did not have “any desire” to take her own life.

The report also explained how entering cold water can cause a person to gasp, inhale, and drown in seconds.

The temperature of the river was around four °C at the time of Bulley’s disappearance, which could trigger a physiological response known as a cold shock response.

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This can cause involuntary breathing, increased heart rate, blood pressure and stress hormones, loss of control over body movements and panic.

The report said that Bulley could have fallen into the water accidentally or intentionally, but either way, she would have been unable to swim or call for help due to the effects of cold shock response.

Is Nicola Bulley’s Death Suicide Or Murder?

The report ruled out both suicide and murder as possible causes of Bulley’s death. The coroner who presided over the inquest said there was no evidence to support either hypothesis.

He would rely only on “reliable sources” and not “theories advanced by those who contribute to social media fora.”

He said that one purpose of the inquest was to “allay rumor and suspicion” and to establish the facts of the case.

The report also contradicted some of the claims that were made by Bulley’s partner, Paul Ansell, who said that she was “looking forward to the future” before she went missing and that she had no suicidal thoughts or intentions.

The report revealed that Bulley had been suffering from depression and anxiety for several years and that she had attempted suicide twice in the past.

Nicola Bulley death
Nicola Bulley’s joyful birthday snapshots precede her mysterious vanishing, leaving an enigma of unanswered questions and unspoken tales. (Image Source: Daily Express)

She had also been receiving treatment from mental health services and had been prescribed antidepressants.

The report said that Bulley had a “blip” over Christmas 2022 when she drank heavily and became suicidal again.

She was visited by police and health professionals on January 10, 2023, after a “concern for welfare” call.

However, the report also acknowledged that Bulley had been trying to overcome her issues and that she had been working as a mortgage adviser and planning for the future.

The report said that Bulley had sent an email to her employer and a text to a friend on the morning of her disappearance, indicating that she was in an everyday mood and had no intention of harming herself.

The report also said that Bulley had joined a work conference call at 9:01 am on January 27, 2023, but kept her phone’s camera and microphone disengaged.

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A passer-by found her phone on a bench near the river at 9:33 am. The coroner concluded that Bulley’s death was accidental and that she did not have “any desire” to take her own life.

He expressed his condolences to Bulley’s family and friends and urged the public to respect their privacy and grief.

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