This article revolves around Rosmah Mansor scandal and legal case. The second wife of former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak is Rosmah binti Mansor. 

Like her spouse, she was linked to the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) controversy. 

She was fined $303 million, given a ten-year sentence, and found guilty of corruption concerning a school electrical project on September 1, 2022.

In Negeri Sembilan, Rosmah completed her secondary school at Kolej Tunku Kurshiah.

Before this, Rosmah was wed to Abdul Aziz Nong Chik. Azrene Soraya and Riza Aziz are their two children. 

She wed Najib Razak in 1987, and they have two children, Nooryana Najwa and Mohd Norashman. 

They have accumulated a substantial fortune that Rosmah has said she has saved since she was a little girl. 

Rosmah Mansor scandal has been a topic of interest for people, so let’s start this article and learn more about it.

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Rosmah Mansor Scandal And Legal Case

Rosmah Mansor Scandal and legal case have gained the interest of people. Rosmah Mansor is found guilty by a Kuala Lumpur court of soliciting and accepting bribes in relation to a solar power project worth millions of dollars.

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Rosmah Mansor, the spouse of former Prime Minister Najib Razak, arrives at the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex to attend a verdict hearing in a corruption case brought against her.

The wife of former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, Rosmah Mansor, was found guilty by a Kuala Lumpur court of soliciting and accepting bribes in exchange for a government contract.

The verdict on Thursday was rendered just one week after Najib started serving his 12-year prison term in connection with a case involving the embezzlement of 1MDB public funds.

Rosmah Mansor scandal has destroyed her life. (Source: CNBC)

Three bribery charges were brought against Rosmah in relation to a $279 million project that aimed to supply schools in rural Sarawak with solar power.

She allegedly requested payment of 187.5 million Malaysian ringgit, or $41.8 million, from the prosecution in exchange for assisting the Malaysian company, Jepak Holdings Sdn Bhd, in obtaining the government contract. 

They claim that she was paid 1.5 million Malaysian ringgit ($334,578) and 5 million Malaysian ringgit ($1.12m) in consideration for the exchange. 

She was found guilty on all three counts by the Kuala Lumpur High Court. 

Najib Razak Wife Arrest And Charge

Days after her husband was imprisoned for corruption, Rosmah Mansor, the wife of former prime minister Najib Razak, was sentenced to ten years in prison by a Malaysian court.

She was sentenced on Thursday for soliciting and accepting payments in exchange for government contracts.

The pair have been the subject of numerous graft probes since Najib’s unexpected election defeat 2018 due to public outrage over a separate, multi-billion dollar corruption scandal that ended his nine years in office. 

Rosmah, a striking figure on Najib’s side, was frequently questioned about her influence in government matters. 

She was widely mocked in Malaysia for her opulent lifestyle and love of Hermes Birkin bags. While court appeals are pending, she will remain accessible on bond.

Rosmah Mansor Scandal
Rosmah Mansor is found guilty by a Kuala Lumpur court of soliciting and accepting bribes in relation to a solar power project worth millions of dollars. (Source: VOA)

Following the verdict, Rosmah approached the judge in tears while wearing a yellow baju kurung, a traditional long shirt and skirt worn by Malaysian women, together with a matching headscarf. 

Prosecutors had requested “maximum or near maximum,” and her attorneys had asked for a sentence of one day in jail.

In response to three counts of soliciting and accepting bribes between 2016 and 2017, Rosmah, 70, entered a not-guilty plea. 

She aimed to assist a company in obtaining a $279 million solar power supply deal from Najib’s government.

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