Rugby League players are a talented and fearless bunch, so it only stands to reason that amongst them are some unusual hobbies. If you’ve ever wondered what some of the most exciting rugby league players in the world get up to in their spare time, or get up to now that they’ve retired, then we’ve got the inside scoop. Whether it’s keeping fit in the sea, keeping sharp at the poker table, or battling it out in the ring, these guys certainly don’t just take it easy when they’re not on the field. Here’s how your favorite rugby players like to spend their downtime.

Rugby Players’ Most Interesting Hobbies

Ghislaine Landry, Canoeing

Ghislaine Landry, a renowned name in the world of women’s rugby sevens, is not just an athlete on the field but also in her spare time. While rugby occupies most of her time, when asked what hobby she would pursue if she had more time on her hands, she placed canoeing at the top of her list. She cited a 42-day canoe trip as being an incredible experience she’d like to repeat someday. 

Landry is an example that even the busiest among us need to take time out of our busy schedules to enjoy our favorite pastimes. Playing the latest casino games on websites like Wildz fits the bill for many people. With titles like Masks of Fire and Mega Moolah, it’s easy to see why. Whether you enjoy exploring the great outdoors like Landry or playing online games, whatever your hobby, ensuring it’s enjoyable and fulfilling should always be a priority. 

David Susigan, Poker Pro

David Susigan is a French Rugby League player, who played the hooker position from 2009 until 2015, primarily for Chalon-sur-Saône but also for Dijon and Castanet. While he may not be among the richest athletes in the world, he’s certainly left his mark on the sport. During his time playing rugby, he found little time for much else; however, after he retired, he discovered a new love. David Susigan is a huge fan of poker and has earnt an impressive $317,000 during his time at the poker table. Susigan’s natural talent at the poker table means that amongst certain circles he’s more famous for his poker career than he is for his rugby one!  It might be surprising to find out that poker is an incredibly popular hobby amongst rugby players. Maybe it’s the ability to keep cool under pressure that makes them so successful? 

Ramon Silva, Fighting Fit

Ramon Silva is one of Wigan’s most recent signings and it looks as though he’ll have a bright future at the club. Silva is of Brazilian descent but moved to the UK at age 3. He played his first rugby league game at 15 years old for the Elmbridge Eagles Rugby League Club. He only played four games before he was scouted by the London Broncos. Now at just 21 years old, his flair for the game has paid off with his move to Wigan. Though Silva is hopefully still in the early days of his career, he makes time for keeping fit in ways other than just rugby. He has a strong background in mixed martial arts, as his father Ricardo Silva is a teacher. Not content with just MMA, Ramon also practices jiu-jitsu and has competed in boxing as well. As a prop, it makes sense that Ramon has to be something of a tough guy, but he’s certainly spent plenty of years getting the practice in. At just 13 years old he took part in a national competition to be on the Olympic wrestling team. It seems that for some people, sport runs in their veins.

Andrew Johns, Super Surfer

Andrew Johns is undoubtedly one of the best Rugby League players that there has ever been, which is incredible when you consider his debut on the pitch with his shock of dyed pillar-box red hair. Despite his shaky start and his fair share of scandals, Johns’ prowess on the field couldn’t be ignored. He represented his country at two World Cups and, closer to his home country of Australia, he played the largest number of games that his club, the Knights, have ever seen, amounting 249 appearances. Less than a year into his retirement he was named the greatest player of the last 30 years by Rugby League Week. You certainly can’t argue with that. During his time on and off the pitch, Johns has been fairly vocal about his trials with his mental health. A sufferer of epilepsy and bipolar disorder, Johns finds solace in the sea. He’s a keen swimmer and an excellent surfer, feeling totally at home out in the ocean.

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