Where Is Jack Stauber Now? For the previous few years, musician and YouTuber Jack Stauber has not been seen or heard from.

His fans want to know how he’s doing and are concerned about him. Jack’s only other posts have been on Patreon, with a few sporadic updates on YouTube and Instagram.

Musician and YouTuber Jack Stauber seems to be missing, leaving admirers to wonder what he is up to. He started his profession in 2013 when he started posting videos to the internet. 

He now has around a million Instagram followers and over 2.6 million subscribers, indicating the size of his following.

Aficionados adore Jack for his distinct, eccentric approach and tone. He frequently pushes the boundaries of musical genres, fusing rock, jazz, and folk with a synth-pop vibe. 

To keep his audience interested in his content, he creates bizarre animations on top of his music, layering his voice and music over them. Where Is Jack Stauber Now? Let’s find out more about his disappearance.

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Where Is Jack Stauber Now: Missing Since 2022

Where Is Jack Stauber Now? His animations appear to have ended for now. Actually, it has been around a year since his last YouTube upload, and it has been roughly two years since his last Instagram appearance. 

In essence, followers believe he vanished without even saying goodbye. Fans will occasionally start spreading stories and ideas in an attempt to solve the mystery.

It was almost a year between Jack’s last two Instagram posts. No one was able to inquire about his whereabouts on his most recent post, which was from a year ago, because the comments were disabled. 

People want to know where Is Jack Stauber now because he has been missing since 2022. (Source: Fandom)

But Jack didn’t turn off the comments on the last one, and people are still loving and a little worried about him.  “We are missing you, Jack,” a fan remarked. Ironically, the song in the video is about missing someone very much.


American musician, animator, and internet celebrity Jack Stauber was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on April 6, 1996. 

His live-action, stop-motion, and computer-animated music videos, which have been included into internet memes, are well-known for their VHS-style. 

What Happened To Jack Stauber?

For some time now, Reddit has been attempting to ascertain what became of their cherished Jack. A fan conjectured last year, “Nobody really knows, but Patreon is the best window,” though. 

The DINO (Dinner Is Not Over) EP marked the end of his frequent posting. He claimed on Patreon that this was due to a “BIG project in the works,” which is probably Opal. 

He stated on Patreon following the release that he was constructing a tiny studio and couldn’t wait to start creating music again.”

Regretfully, the fan clarified that Jack’s pledge to resume his musical career was a little out of date. He did, after all, make that pledge in 2020. 

Where Is Jack Stauber Now
When Jack Stauber’s Internet fame peaked, he disappeared suddenly and now netizens want answers. (Source: New Retro Wave )

Jack seems to find it difficult to publish frequently, typically delaying till the end of the month, even on Patreon. “Perhaps he had to change jobs, which is making it difficult for him to find time for art. 

The admirer pondered, “Maybe he’s not doing well and needed a break.”

Some admirers are optimistic, thinking he’s fulfilling his word and working on “something big.” There is still uncertainty, though, since many think he simply went on, married, and settled down.

Fans reported two months ago that Jack was still releasing monthly content on Patreon, however they aren’t sure if it represents brand-new creative work. 

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