Mike Santana made his return to pro wrestling a few months ago following a near-crippling knee injury suffered at last year’s Blood And Guts edition of AEW Dynamite.

Since then, the wrestler has hit the ground running when it comes to working independent dates. But before his injury, he was already dipping his toes into the independent scene, as well as working as a singles wrestler.

As he was the Champion for the short-lived Latin American Wrestling Entertainment company in Puerto Rico. He would have to vacate the title. Unfortunately, that company collapsed a few months later.

Back Home

Mike Santana made his return to Puerto Rico this past week when he appeared for Espiritu Pro Wrestling Dojo. First, he did a seminar for the promotion’s students. He would then participate in Sunday’s “Cuatro Palabras” (Four Words) event. First as a part of a Meet & Greet with fans and then he appeared during the event itself.

‘Cuatro Palabras’ looked to celebrate the 39th Anniversary of Miguel Perez Jr., a second generation wrestler who has worked for many companies around the world including the WWF as a part of Los Boricuas. He’s been a prominent trainer for the Espiritu Dojo for years now.

During the event, he faced off against the head of the Dojo, Mike Mendoza. Who grew frustrated and attacked Perez with a kendo stick. This prompted Mike Santana to come down and save Perez.

Bowing to the Puertorican legend in respect and then challenging Mike Mendoza to a future match. Promising to “take his head off” for his disrespect.

While a date is not set yet for Mike Santana’s return to face off against Mike Mendoza, it’s confirmed that the wrestler does intend to return. As he seems very keen on returning to Puerto Rico often enough.

Rekindling Santana’s Passion

In the past, Mike Santana has expressed his desire to work on the island. Discussing how growing up, he would come for vacation and love his here. And wanting to connect more with his roots.

Both Mike Santana and former partner Angel Ortiz always proudly display the Puerto Rican flag as a part of their wrestling attire to this day despite not actually growing up on the island as they proudly displayed family roots.

The duo started wrestling on the island in July of 2017 where they had an amazing match alongside Diamante against Mike Mendoza, Angel Fashion, and Vanilla Vargas and would sporadically return. As mentioned, Santana would begin as a singles wrestler here before his injury and now returns.

Espiritu Dojo’s ‘Cuatro Palabras’ event is free to watch in two parts on YouTube. The event name is based on Miguel Perez’s catchphrase and is headlined by a Ladder match between EPW Champion Manu and challenger Samuel Olmo:

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