Makani Alexander death news surfaced following the recent shooting in Waialua. Explore more about the shocking incident below.

Just before midnight, a fatal shooting occurred in Waialua near Au Street.

When Emergency Medical Services arrived at the shooting scene, they found a male who appeared to be in his early twenties and had been shot.

Unfortunately, the victim, 25-year-old, didn’t survive. But who was the victim whose life was cut short abruptly?

As the shooting incident garnered much public and media attention, many are looking for the man’s identity.

While no official report has confirmed the victim’s identity, some sources have revealed the name and profession.

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Makani Alexander Death And Obituary

The authorities didn’t reveal the identity of the victim initially. Due to this, there has been much concern and speculation about the identity of the victim.

Makani Alexander Death news has surfaced online following the Waialua shooting. (Image Source: Hawaii News Now)

Some rumors suggested that he was a local surfer named Makani Alexander, while others claimed he was a tourist.

The victim’s name has been reported as Makani Alexander, a Waialua man who was a professional surfer and a shooting victim.

The victim was known for his passion for surfing. He seems to have competed in several surfing events and has won many awards and recognition.

His death shocked and saddened everyone who knew him and admired him.

However, none of these reports have officially been confirmed by the police, who said that they were still investigating the motive and the suspect of the shooting.

Thus, the name and identity of the Waialua Shooting victim may or may not be Makani Alexander, a surfer.

Waialua Shooting Victim’s Family Is Mourning The Loss

Waialua Shooting victim’s family, friends, and loved ones are mourning the tragic loss. They must be devastated to lose their beloved family member in such a tragic accident.

Makani Alexander Death
Waialua shooting victim’s family and loved ones are devastated and shattered. (Image Source: Freepik)

It should be noted that none of the victim’s family members have come forward. It appears they are yet to come to terms with their family member’s demise.

While the details about the 25-year-old man’s family and relationship with them have not been revealed, we assume he shares a close-knit bond with them.

Furthermore, Losing a loved one is never easy. On top of that, losing a family member in such a tragic incident will likely leave them with a lot of unanswered questions and unresolved emotions.

They may experience shock, anger, guilt, sadness, or even numbness as they process their loss.

Moreover, the void left by a departed person will never be filled by the time and new faces that will come into our lives. Their memories and our love for them will live forever.

Hopefully, the Waialua Shooting Victim’s family will find solace and strength to cope during their difficult time.

They may seek professional help or join a support group if they feel overwhelmed by their grief.

They may also find comfort in their faith, community, or hobbies. They may honor their loved one’s memory by cherishing their shared moments and celebrating their life.

In conclusion, the Waialua shooting incident has claimed the life of a young man who may have been a professional surfer named Makani Alexander.

His family and friends are grieving his loss and seeking justice. The police are still investigating the case and have not yet confirmed the victim’s identity.

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