CM Punk has done nearly everything you can in wrestling but has never been on NXT. Looking at possible CM Punk NXT dream matches are some of the last totally unique moments that WWE can give its fans. Making his first foray into the land of White and Gold would shoot ratings through the roof.

So, if WWE decides to use Punk on the developmental brand for a limited amount of time, after his appearance at this year’s NXT Deadline event, there are ample opponents to throw at him. Each one has their own set of skills and attributes. Despite their relatively young age, each would be a significant dream match. 

Noam Dar

Meta-Four has recently been an enjoyable part of NXT programming. Their leader, Noam Dar, is consistently one of the best workers on the card. With an entire faction behind him, he has started to shine outside his technical prowess. The Meta-Four segments are good entertainment, and so is CM Punk.

Segments between Meta-Four and Punk would be fun, and with multiple people playing the numbers game, Punk can be the conquering hero taking them to task. 

A part from some fun television segments, Noam Dar vs CM Punk at an NXT Premium Live Event (PLE), would be perfect. Dar can take the loss if needed or defend his Heritage Cup in a surprising upset later in Punk’s return run.

Both men are technically gifted, and the match would look a lot like what CM Punk’s most ardent fans come to expect and worry about him having in the WWE system. That makes for an appealing matchup should CM Punk decide to make his first-ever appearance on NXT

Carmelo Hayes

Except for maybe Bron Breakker, nobody exemplifies today’s NXT better than Carmelo Hayes. He’s been the brand’s plucky underdog and the cocky heel to perfection. Slowly but surely, Melo worked his way through NXT 2.0 and, in many ways, crafted Tuesday night wrestling in his image.

With CM Punk being the self-proclaimed best in the world, he will want to face off with the best WWE offers. The best of NXT is Carmelo Hayes. 

Melo is the perfect opponent for CM Punk. He can hold his own in the build to a match and absolutely can deliver after the bell rings. He is also one of the biggest draws on NXT television. Hayes works an active style, which is what CM Punk and his legions of followers appreciate most.

A young and agile performer taking on the grizzled veteran in Punk will highlight both men meaningfully, adding to their characters. With Hayes being involved in a budding Trick Williams feud, without a title, he is open for a run-in with Punk for a massive main event. 


Sometimes, it’s fun to see a little guy try and fight a big guy. Cheering for the underdog against physical odds is universal and the tenant that wrestling was built on. Not many people can make CM Punk look like an underdog in the ring, regardless of his size.

An athlete of Dijak’s caliber would be and is, absolutely, a CM Punk NXT dream match. Dijak seems able to work almost any match type. He can get into brawls with the best and keep up with higher work-rate talent as well. CM Punk can also work with nearly everyone. Pairing them off is primed to create a dream scenario together. 

If CM Punk has only one match in him, it won’t be with Dijak. However, working an entire program on NXT could open the door for a monster heel to make Punk’s life more difficult. Dijak can play that part exceptionally, turning it on when the bell rings, though.

With call-ups coming around WrestleMania this year, this match may get time on the main roster instead. If Dijak doesn’t get the call for some reason, he could still get his moment one-on-one with the iconic voice of the voiceless. 

Ilja Dragunov

If CM Punk plans to stick around, the NXT title is one of the few he hasn’t held in a storied wrestling career. Anyone defending (or losing) that championship to Punk would be a seminal moment in NXT history.

At the moment, though, the title is on one of the best wrestlers in WWE, and indeed one of the most accomplished European wrestlers in a very long time. Ilja Dragunov is at the top of the list for CM Punk NXT dream matches. 

Ilja is a top-tier worker, having fought his way through Europe until finally bringing his brand of intensity and violence to NXT. His hard-hitting action would be reminiscent of some of Punk’s recent classics. Punk is also keen to work with the next generation, but not necessarily inexperienced workers.

Ilja is world-traveled and could keep up with Punk. Giving Punk an NXT match he would love could be central to keeping the CM Punk experiment going as well as it has. Giving him the “Mad Russian” would likely be his choice for a true dream match. 

Projecting Some CM Punk NXT Dream Matches

CM Punk is not advertised for a run on NXT. However, as mentioned, he did appear at NXT Deadline, to the delight of the live crowd. Whether or not he’s poised to make an impact at the brand, the CM Punk NXT dream matches are too great to pass up.

The talent on NXT would match well with Punk’s Indy wrestling style. Punk has historically been upset about “working with children.” That could make NXT a bad fit. If he can work through it, and the NXT talent is willing to learn, they can shock the world again.

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