The NHL’s Department of Player Safety suspended Detroit Red Wing David Perron for his hit on Artem Zub. This was a scary scene as it happened, as teammate Dylan Larkin lay motionless on the ice. Zub was near Larkin and appeared to be signaling for help. In an attempt to injure and get retribution, Perron came in quickly and cross-checked Zub in the head.

David Perron Receives Six Game Suspension for Cross-Check Hit to Head

We all understand that hockey is fast and emotional, but this made a scary situation worse. Larkin had been in a battle in front of the net with two Ottawa Senators, Mathieu Joseph and Parker Kelly. Next, Larkin went down awkwardly, which looked like a neck injury, and was motionless on the ice. It was and continued for a few moments, to be a very scary scene on the ice at Little Caesars Arena. Zub, recognizing the potential seriousness, raised his arm in an attempt to get attention, so Larkin could be helped. However, Perron reacted, seeing Zub the closest to his fallen teammate, and went in looking for revenge.

What Does it All Mean?

We knew the NHL was taking the attempt to injure seriously, as it summoned Perron for an in-person meeting. This means, in general, that a suspension could be six or more games. As a veteran in the league, Perron will appreciate the impact of his actions. We never like to see anything like this in the game.

It is still unclear the extent of Larkin’s injury on the play, but we will await further update. Fortunately, for Zub he managed to avoid an injury it seems. Zub had only recently come back from a head injury after an Alex Ovechkin stick to the helmet. Zub has been sporting an earguard since returning.

Main photo: Brian Bradshaw Sevald-USA TODAY Sports

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