At 6’7” and 338 pounds, Kam Pringle is the biggest player in the class for the Gamecocks. He is a four-star prospect, according to the 247Sports Composite. As a native of South Carolina, Pringle is another integral part of winning the state in recruiting and building a force up front on the offensive side of the ball. He is a mammoth human being, but his weight is not a sign that Pringle is overweight or lacking athleticism. This 338-pounder is a quick-twitch athlete who also played basketball in high school. Pringle is a violent blocker who is physically imposing on almost all of his high school competition. Although he will face bigger competition in college, size will continue to be an advantage in many cases. The downside to Pringle’s size is using leverage against shorter defenders. He can benefit from lowering his stance, especially in pass protection. He is a great athlete but looks a bit stiff at times. Time in a college program will allow him to increase his strength and flexibility. 

Pringle’s Outlook

South Carolina will have a healthier, more experienced offensive line group in 2024. Pringle will benefit from working behind some of those older players and learning from them during his freshman campaign. If the Gamecocks get into another injury-riddled season along the offensive line in 2024, Pringle can step in and play, much like Tree Babalade did in 2023. However, he will likely become a full-time starter as a sophomore in 2025. The depth that is being built along the line will allow the Gamecocks to make strides in executing Dowell Loggains’ offense moving forward. Pringle will be a long-term starter at tackle for the Gamecocks. If he can refine his skills a bit, he has the frame to be elite under the tutelage of offensive line coach Lonnie Teasley. 


Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
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