The Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA’s first-ever In-Season Tournament, defeating the Indiana Pacers. Anthony Davis led the way with 41 points, 20 rebounds, and 6 assists. Austin Reaves contributed with 28 points, and LeBron James also had 24 points. Although the Lakers struggled from outside the arc, they shot above 53% overall. With an undefeated record in tournament games, this should propel them forward. This is how the Lakers can carry the IST into 2024.

How the Lakers can carry the In-Season Tournament into 2024

1. Using This Success As Motivation

With this being the first in-season tournament, the Lakers should remember this joy all season long. Not just because of the $500,000 each player receives, but the experience of a “championship” atmosphere. Many expected teams not to compete or play hard, but if anything the opposite was true. Teams fought as if the tournament was the playoffs. For LA, they’ve had players who already experienced postseason basketball success and some who haven’t. Winning the tournament while keeping the feelings of it can push them to do it again in June.

2. Keeping The Same Strategies After In-Season Tournament

The Lakers are now fully utilizing their true talents. The length on this roster is being put to use. Reaves is shining in the second group, with Cam Reddish and Taurean Prince stepping up nicely. Both are bigger, stronger, and longer than Reaves, and provide defensive weapons against good teams. James doesn’t have to worry about guarding the other team’s best player. Furthermore, Reddish and Prince are capable shooters from behind the arc. The Lakers have something to build on after this in-season tournament. The team banded together and played really hard. When the team plays with consistency, energy, and determination like they did during the tournament, it is difficult to beat them. Combine that with their outside shots falling, and it’s almost impossible. If Darvin Ham continues what is working, this team is bound for success throughout 2024.

3. Staying Away From complacency

Although this tournament was special, and the first of its kind, the Lakers must not settle in. They deserved to celebrate. However, this isn’t the stopping point. The money each player receives is good, but each player would trade it for the real championship. Maintaining focus for the rest of the season is imperative. Ultimately, the coaches are responsible as much as the players. With the leadership of James and Davis, the other guys have to make sure they are locked in. They should be able to make this happen, as well as the other points mentioned before. Putting in the same work ethic throughout the season is a must.

So, how can the Lakers carry the IST into 2024? In essence, staying motivated and keeping the same strategies while not being complacent is key. James and Davis are the two stars. Continue running the offense through them. Reaves and many others can also contribute. It is also important to note how their length makes it hard for other teams’ offenses. If they do these things, then the Lakers can carry this IST into 2024.

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