Carlos Sainz is eager to secure a long-term contract before the 2024 season begins, as Ferrari’s negotiations continue dominating F1 news.

After a tricky year for Ferrari, Carlos Sainz is still optimistic about the team’s potential. The Spaniard wants a multi-year deal with Ferrari, with contract talks capturing the attention of F1 news.

The consensus is that both Sainz and Leclerc will sign contract extensions with the Maranello-based team. Team principal Fred Vasseur has voiced his satisfaction with the team’s current duo on multiple occasions, most recently at a Christmas event.

In any case, there are still areas to clarify between the 29-year-old and Ferrari. Talks with his Monegasque teammate are understood to have been more smooth, with Leclerc expected to continue for at least three more seasons after 2024.

Considering his history and achievements with the team, this is hardly seen as a surprise.

Negotiations still ongoing

For Sainz, negotiations are still ongoing. Throughout the year, he’s made clear that securing a new deal before next season begins is the priority. After all, starting the year without an agreed-upon deal can leave a driver at the mercy of the driver market.

Considering the number of contracts expiring next year, avoiding “silly season” is understandably a key objective for Sainz. With the 2026 regulatory changes approaching, timing will be crucial for both drivers and teams.

In all likelihood, this is the year dictating much of the negotiations between the two parties.

If a multi-year extension is reached, then Ferrari will maintain the same duo until the end of 2026. This will be important for both parties to keep their options open at the beginning of a new era.

Teams will rise and drop in terms of relative performance, with 2026 setting the foundation for the next era of F1. The contract duration is almost certainly the point of contention between Carlos Sainz and Vasseur.

In a recent event with Estrella Galicia, the two-time race winner explained his ambitions to continue with the team:

“There is talk about what they’re offering me, but it’s being said without knowing. I’m not going to speculate. 

“I want to renew, and I would like to do it for more than 1 year. I feel very valued by Fred and the entire Ferrari family.

“They know what I’m capable of after these three years.”

Whilst there seems to be a gap between Ferrari and Sainz at present, a new deal is still expected.

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