Find heartfelt tributes and memories in Brad Wildes obituary. Join the racing community in remembering the legacy of the beloved Tomah car racer.

Brad Wildes was a highly regarded car racer known for his skill and passion. Raised in a racing family, he found his niche in the modified division at Tomah Sparta Speedway.

A veteran of the US Army and a post office retiree, Brad, affectionately called “The Wildman,” was a talented racer and a devoted family man. 

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Car Racer Brad Wildes Obituary And Tribute

Tragically, Brad’s life was cut short on November 12, 2023. The racing world mourns the loss of a talent taken too soon.

His obituary is a testament to a life well-lived, marked by resilience, passion, and a commitment to community. Beyond his racing prowess, Brad was known for his philanthropy.

Actively involved in charitable endeavours, he supported local causes, showcasing a compassionate side that resonated beyond the high-speed world he thrived.

His commitment to giving back made him a skilled racer and a role model for sportsmanship and community engagement.

Daphne Corbin, a friend, shared poignant memories on social media, reflecting on their shared experiences, adventures, and the impact Brad had on those around him.

His genuine interest in others and dedication to mentorship endeared him to friends and fellow racers alike.

A talented racer, Brad Wildes is remembered for his passion and community commitment. (Image Source: Facebook)

Wildes’ obituary is more than a recounting of a racer’s achievements; it’s a celebration of a life well-lived and a man deeply woven into the fabric of his community.

His passing leaves a blank in the hearts of many, but his legacy of passion, generosity, and sportsmanship will continue to inspire generations of racers and community members alike.

The tributes that poured in from friends, fellow racers, and fans underscored the impact Brad had on those around him.

Lambert Forest Products Racing, his racing team, posted a heartfelt tribute on Facebook, emphasizing his racing prowess and his qualities as a person and teammate.

Brad Wildes Death Cause Linked To Cancer

Brad Wildes, a prominent car racer from Tomah, Wisconsin, met an untimely end on November 12, 2023, succumbing to a relentless battle with cancer.

Born on June 15, 1981, Wildes was not just a skilled racer but a resilient individual who faced adversity with courage on and off the racetrack.

The specifics of his illness were not disclosed, but it became widely known that Brad had been valiantly fighting a serious illness, ultimately losing the battle.

His wife, Jessica Wildes, shared the heartbreaking news on social media, expressing the heaviness in her heart and acknowledging the strenuous and courageous fight Brad had endured.

Throughout his career, Brad was known as The Wildman, a moniker reflecting his racing prowess and vibrant spirit.

Brad Wildes Obituary
Brad Wildes, a racer from Tomah, Wisconsin, succumbed to cancer, shocking the community. (Image Source: Facebook)

His legacy in the racing community was significant, with numerous victories and championships at Tomah Sparta Speedway. His #55 Lambert Forest Products Chevrolet symbolised his skill and enthusiasm on the track.

The revelation that cancer played a pivotal role in Brad Wildes’ passing sent shockwaves through the racing community.

It highlighted the harsh reality of the toll serious illnesses can take, even on individuals with an indomitable spirit like Brad.

The car racing community, including Tomah Sparta Speedway, Midwest Dash Series, and Wisconsin Dirt Racing, expressed condolences, reflecting Brad’s profound impact on the broader racing world.

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