The Toronto Blue Jays will be coming out with new City Connect uniforms next season, and the launch date will be May 6th, 2024. We will first see the Blue Jays wearing them when they play against the Pittsburgh Pirates on May 31st. The design of the uniforms has not been released yet, but the Blue Jays will have their edition coming out in 2023. When it comes to uniforms, MLB and Nike have limitations on uniform sets. They may need special permission to keep their red set for Canada Day and City Connect. Due to this, red could be a color that will be meshed to cater to the holiday and their City Connect unis.

Toronto Blue Jays City Connect Uniforms To Be Released in 2024

A Little History of City Connect

City Connect is a famous brand name for a line of alternative uniforms made by Nike, Inc. for MLB teams. The uniforms showcase color schemes and graphic components that are distinct from the MLB teams’ conventional home and away jerseys. Of the 30 teams in MLB, 20 of them have a City Connect uniform. While all the uniform designs are trendy and flashy, some rank higher than others in terms of style.

The uniforms have been created to represent the cultural characteristics of each team’s home city. Nike and MLB established the first round of City Connect uniforms in the 2021 MLB season. A year later, a second round was showcased during the 2022 season and a third during the 2023 season. The whole concept behind City Connect uniforms is to create something unique to the team’s home city. This allows for each team’s jersey to be special and pay respect to their home city. 

For example, San Diego’s Hispanic heritage inspires the region’s Padres’ City Connects and their proximity to Mexico. This would be like a Canadian version of that. Overall, it doesn’t have to be a celebration of anything specific, but just a nod to a uniquely Canadian culture. Each team will have something unique about their home city that will be their marker of trade.

Paying Tribute

Seeing MLB players and teams wearing different jerseys throughout the season is nothing new to baseball. For example, the Blue Jays wear red jerseys on Canada Day, and every team annually wears jerseys with the number 42 on the back to commemorate the legendary Jackie Robinson. The next Jackie Robinson Day in the 2024 season will be April 15th. Just like how every year there is new sports memorabilia merchandise that comes out for MLB teams, the point is that the branding for each team is unique. The uniqueness lies in cultural aspects that pay tribute to the MLB team’s home cities. It will be interesting to see what the design of the 2024 City Connects uniforms will look like for the Blue Jays.


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