Other than being clothing, football kits represent club identity and fan culture. This Premier League season, we’ve recorded a rebirth of bold hues, geometric flair, and a nod to the past in kit designs. These designs indicate each club’s unique identity and the lively fan culture that encloses them. From Arsenal’s cannon design to Manchester United’s city-inspired mosaic style, each kit voices a tale. Our ranking of the top 5 kits is based on a blend of design innovation, color harmony, and overall visual impact. So, stay tuned as we unveil the kits that have truly stood out this season.

Top 5 Football Kits of the Season: A Detailed Look

Best Premier League Kits

The 2023/2024 EPL has introduced some outstanding football kits in the current collection. These highly rated kits include:

Liverpool has a classic home kit with a red shirt and a white trim. The shirt also has a cannon on the chest. It shows the club’s nickname, “The Reds”. Their away kit is a remake of their green

and white kit from the 90s. It brings back memories and pride for the fans. Both kits are simple and elegant. Generally, Liverpool have done a great job.

West Ham has a smooth home kit with a claret shirt and blue sleeves. The shirt also has a bubble print. It is energized by the team’s song “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”. Their away kit is splendid, with a white shirt and a claret badge. This logo is an honor to the club’s 125th anniversary. It has the words “The Academy of Football”. However, the third kit is unusual, with a purple and black design. It looks like a goalkeeper’s kit.

Manchester United has a nice red home kit with a black trim. The sponsor logo is huge, but it does not spoil the look. The away kit is beautiful, with a blue shirt and a white collar. Besides, the shirt is inspired by the mosaic tiles of Manchester. It is a colorful and artistic area of the city. The third kit is great, too, with a yellow and green design. It pays homage to the club’s origins as Newton Heath.

Crystal Palace have done a fantastic job with their home kit. It looks like Spider-Man’s kit. The red and blue halves are divine, and the shirt also has the original Crystal Palace design. It’s a reference to the club’s name. It comes from the Crystal Palace building that was near their old ground. The away kit is very remarkable too, with a white shirt and a red and blue sash. The sash is a sign of the club’s first kit from 1905.

Manchester City have a retro home kit. It is a tribute to their stadium’s 20th anniversary. The kit is grounded on the one they chose in 2003-04. That’s when they moved to the Etihad Stadium. The kit has a sky blue shirt and white shorts with a black and gold trim. In addition, the third kit is out there, with a pink and black design – it’s inspired by the city’s nightlife. The away kit is lovely too, with a black shirt and a gold pattern. It looks like a circuit board.

The Evolution of Football Kit Fashion in the Premier League

Football kits have evolved significantly. Today’s kits boast bright colors and abstract patterns, and reflect the team’s spirit and the era’s fashion trends. They’re designed with lightweight, breathable fabrics for optimal performance. Sponsor logos are integrated into the design, unlike in the past, when kits were simpler, with traditional colors and minimal patterns. The old kits were baggier, made from heavier fabrics, and had fewer separate sponsor logos.

Moreover, notable partnerships have happened between teams and designers/brands, including Manchester City and Puma, Liverpool and Nike, and Arsenal and Adidas. Other than that, the best sportsbooks for high rollers have collaborated with football teams to devise distinctive and elegant kits that please their target fans. These collaborations aim to create stylish and unique kits while also representing each club’s identity and culture. They also try to appeal to a wider and younger audience interested in fashion and trends.

Fan Favourites and Market Trends

Fan polls and responses to the present kits on social media have been incredibly positive, with most fanatics applauding the bold and unique styles. Sales trends and merchandise demand have also been intense, with most fanatics anxious to have their hands on the new kits. Moreover, based on the latest statistics, future football kit style trends are likely to focus on bold colors, geometric patterns, and retro-inspired designs.


To wrap up, football kits are indispensable in fashioning club identity, mirroring their past and goals. They foster a deeper connection between the club and fans. The cultural influence of these kits goes beyond the field, impacting fashion trends and societal usuals in the Premier League and beyond. Openly, football kits are more than just playwear; they are signs of unity, pride, and belonging.

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