Find a perfect stocking stuffer for your wrestling-loving loved ones with one of these festive wrestling gifts. Or, discover a Christmas wrestling gift to add to your wish list. 

Some of these items are festive and fabulous. Others, not so much. Enjoy our rundown of the best (and worst) holiday wrestling gifts. 

Spanish God vs. Saint Nick

All AEW’s top stars have festive jumpers but most are pretty bland. Not Sammy Guevara’s which depicts him squaring up to a jolly round Santa. It’s the only holiday wrestling gift that features Santa that we could find during our extensive search. Therefore it’s the best.

It’s the only garment that will force people to ask why you have a naked Spanish God giving Santa doe-eyes on your sweater. And surely forcing those conversations with colleagues and relatives is what Christmas is all about. 

The Fiend Holiday Bray Wyatt Glow In The Dark Funko

Honestly. What more do we need to say about this incredible festive The Fiend Funko Pop? Bray Wyatt’s character has been given a festive green and red makeover and topped off with a Santa Hat. Turn the lights off and watch The Fiend glow in the dark as you wait for Santa to arrive.

Initially released a couple of years ago, The Holiday Special Fiend is still available online. Following the sad passing of Bray Wyatt this summer, this Funko is a must-have for any collector.

3 Faces of Foley Action Figure Pack 

The first big thing to look forward to in 2024 is the 25th anniversary of Mick Foley entering the 1998 Royal Rumble under three different guises. Cactus Jack entered the match at No.1. Once eliminated, Foley returned as Mankind and took out Chainsaw Charlie. Finally, Dude Love entered the Rumble. 

You’ll probably want to spend some of your holiday break watching this iconic Rumble. No other action figure range comes close to this Ringside Collectibles exclusive 3 Faces of Foley pack. You’ll get an individual Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love figure all for under $100. 

Ruby Soho So-Ho-Ho Festive Sweater 

This piece of merch gets 10 candy canes out of 10 for the name alone. Imagine having a superstar called Ruby Soho and not launching a So-Ho-Ho-Ho garment.

Name aside, it’s pretty trendy. Made of 100% cotton, not trashy fake wool, it looks as cozy as anything. Design-wise, it’s essentially a picture of Ruby Soho with a Santa hat slapped on top and some green and red barbwire and skulls in the background. Rock n rock. 

Undertaker Holiday Ornament Range

Maybe it’s the old teenage goth The Undertaker fan in us but we can’t think of anything better than hanging a coffin ornament in every Christmas tree across the globe. The Coffin in question has ‘Taker’s logo on it. 

Hallmark and WWE have also teamed up on an Undertaker figurine ornament. Hang that bad boy from your tree and look forward to explaining the presence of an undead cowboy among your pines.

While you’re spending your Christmas bonus on an Undertaker-based gift on, you might as well invest in an Undertaker Bleacher Creature for any of your younger relatives. 


Happy Hanukkah From Colt Cabana to All Apart from CM Punk

There’s still a sprinkling of wrestling fans that are not fans of CM Punk for his behavior in AEW and returning to WWE. Punk saying he loves WWE and it’s his home has made some people feel that he deserves two helpings of coal for Christmas. 

So the best way to show you’re anti-the no longer anti-establishment Punk is to buy this sweater of his former mate turned bitter enemy Colt Cabana. The sweater’s design features Cabana with eight arms to reflect a menorah.

Is this the best piece of Hanukkah wrestling merch? Not according to MJF.

LA Knight Before Christmas 

All the WWE ugly sweaters are both ugly and sweaters. They’re horrible to look at and seem unbearably itchy to wear. This makes them the perfect gift for the Grinch in your life.

The worst of the bunch is the LA Knight sweater. WWE has not called it an LA Knight before Christmas jumper which is beyond inexcusable. 

Is it tacky? Yeah! Will it be itchy? Yeah! Should we buy it? No.

AEW Bauble 

This AEW bauble is both ugly and expensive at $14.99. 

LWO Metal Ornament

2023 is the year WWE returned to form with great storylines, satisfying shows, dominant top stars and impressive acquisitions. But its 2023 Holiday gift range is poor. The poorest of these is a small metal rectangle with a little red ribbon attached.

It has the LWO logo emblazoned on it but as WWE recently split up the group its marketing whizzes have called it an Eddie Guerrero ornament and hoped we wouldn’t notice. Sure Eddie was in the LWO but that’s not why they made this ornament in the first place.

Give us a metal Eddie ornament complete with mullet and this would be top of the gift list. Don’t slap his name on the logo for a group you revitalized in April and split up in October.

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