Netizen wants to know are Danielle Jones parents still together. After leaving home for school in June 2001, Danielle Jones vanished.

In 2002, her uncle Stuart Campbell was found guilty of kidnapping and killing her. Her mother has talked about the “torture” of being unable to locate her body.

Danielle Jones’ mother, who was slain as a teenager, has talked of the “torture” of never being able to bury her daughter.

After more than 12 years since Danielle went missing, Linda Jones has stated she has come to terms with the fact that her daughter’s killer, Stuart Campbell, will never disclose where Danielle’s body is.

It ‘tortures’ her every day, she claimed, that she would never be able to bury her baby. Let’s get into the article till the end to know are Danielle Jones parents still together and other details regarding their personal lives.

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Are Danielle Jones Parents Still Together? Divorce News Gone Viral

Are Danielle Jones Parents Still Together? Yes, they are still together. Linda and Tony are still searching for Danielle’s body to bring about the last bit of justice. 

Danielle Jones, a teenager, vanished in 2001 while travelling to school. The 15-year-old disappeared in Tilbury, Essex, and her parents, Linda and Tony, never saw her again. 

Killer Campbell has never said where the schoolgirl’s body is. Citing Helen’s Law, the distraught Linda said in 2019 that she would not want him to be freed if he still hadn’t disclosed the whereabouts of her remains.

Yes, they are still together and searching for Danielle’s body to bring about the last bit of justice. (Source: The Sun)

Stuart Campbell became Danielle’s uncle by marriage when he wed Debbie, her father’s sister.

Before getting married in August 1998, Campbell and Debbie lived together for 13 years, starting when Campbell was 15 years old. Twelve-year-old Danielle was one of their bridesmaids.

In 2002, a majority judgment found Campbell guilty of the teen’s murder, and he was sentenced to life in prison. A parole refusal was made to Campbell in January 2023.

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Who is Danielle Jones’ Mother Linda And Father Tony?

Danielle Jones, a murdered schoolgirl who was last seen on June 18, 2001, has a mother named Linda Jones.

At 2:30 p.m., Linda got a call from Danielle’s school informing her that her daughter had missed her lessons. “It was so out of character for Danielle,” Linda recalled looking back on that period of her life. “She’d never dream of bunking off.”

A few hours later, Linda called the police, and her husband, Tony, went to his sister’s home, Stuart Campbell, to check if Danielle had made any progress. 

Are Danielle Jones Parents Still Together
In 2001, Danielle Jones vanished while traveling to school. (Source: The Sun)

Danielle has a father, Tony Jones. When Danielle disappeared in 2001, he and other family members and friends searched the East Tilbury area.

Following his brother-in-law’s conviction for his daughter’s murder, Tony and Linda pressured Campbell to disclose the location of the body’s hiding place. 

“Do the right thing and allow us to lay our darling daughter to rest,” Linda said she hoped of Campbell.  The 15-year-old vanished from sight in June 2001 after leaving the house to board a school bus.

After a trial at Chelmsford Crown Court, her uncle Stuart Campbell, of Grays, Essex, was found guilty of kidnapping and killing her in December 2002 and sentenced to life in prison. Judges on appeal maintained those convictions.

Campbell has never acknowledged how or where he killed Danielle. 

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