F1 news outlets have covered AlphaTauri and Red Bull’s growing collaboration, with the Italian team taking more parts from their parent team.

AlphaTauri are a team with an upward trajectory, largely thanks to their parent outfit – Red Bull. After scoring just three points in the first half of 2023, a series of upgrades substantially improved the AT04’s performance.

Yuki Tsunoda, Liam Lawson and – after returning from injury – Daniel Ricciardo scored relatively consistent points for AlphaTauri. Looking ahead to 2024, there is every reason they can further establish themselves in the midfield.

They will take more parts from Red Bull next season, including the front suspension of RB19.

It should be outlined that many teams enjoy collaboration to some extent. Ferrari and Haas, for example, have a well-documented relationship where parts are shared. The American outfit is highly reliant on Ferrari’s development for its success.

However, in the case of AlphaTauri and Red Bull, rivals sense a more immediate threat. McLaren’s Zak Brown has recently expressed concern about the relationship between these teams.

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F1 News: AlphaTauri to evolve collaboration

This issue will surely resurface in 2024, especially if Laurent Mekies’ squad proves competitive in Bahrain. Peter Bayer, the team’s CEO, has outlined more details on their relationship:

“Next year, we will continue with our current rear and use the Red Bull front suspension from their current car at the front,” motorsport-total.com quotes him as saying.

“There have been years when we have done something different for various reasons.

“But we have the opportunity to do it, and the regulations allow it, so we will do it, like a number of other teams.

“It also has many advantages. We will be developing and manufacturing a new chassis for next year, so we have the opportunity to take over some parts.”

As outlined above, there will be limits to how many parts AlphaTauri can take from their parent team. Aside from regulatory limits, the Italian-based outfit has a relatively short time frame to implement these changes.

After all, the process is more complicated than just taking elements from Red Bull. The team must incorporate their new parts into a wider philosophy and concept, requiring months of work and adjustments.

Still, AlphaTauri can take a significant step forward over the winter. This could generate rival complaints, as evidenced by Zak Brown’s recent comments. In any case, they will continue this transition – which they believe can establish more consistent results.

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