The New York Rangers goaltending situation is creating buzz after two solid starts from Jonathan Quick. The veteran netminder took the ice in New York’s first game back on Monday, which resulted in a 2-1 overtime win over Colorado. Rumours began to swirl after Peter Laviolette announced Quick was returning to the crease on Wednesday against the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Rangers and Quick battled to earn two points and a 3-1 victory, their third consecutive win. Quick, who started in all three contests, is the common denominator in these wins.

Quick’s success, however, has many people questioning the morale of known starting goaltender Igor Shesterkin. Having Quick start Monday against Colorado was the plan all along, according to Laviolette. Wednesday night was purely an example of playing the hot hand, who has been the 38-year-old Quick. In this article, we will dissect the goaltending situation and predict who will be in between the pipes on Friday in Chicago against the Blackhawks. Also, we will break down the play of arguably the most underappreciated Blueshirt.

Does Quick Stay or Will Shesty Come to Play?

It feels like yesterday (actually it was Tuesday) that the Rangers goaltending situation was a hot topic of discussion. It, in fact, is a great problem to have two goaltenders who you can trust and call upon come playoff time. This week, a lot of speculation came out revolving around the confidence level of Igor Shesterkin. This is a matter of people trying to make something out of nothing. Why can’t Shesterkin be happy for his goaltending partner? Sure, he wants to be out there playing with his teammates. You have to remember that Laviolette is a motivator who is determined to get the best out of all of his players. Sitting Shesterkin is key in the process of motivating him. Who would not want a motivated Igor on Friday? He will now have something to prove to regain the trust of the organization. Be patient, Rangers fans.

On the other hand, the play of Jonathan Quick has been awe-inspiring to say the least. Seeing a Rangers fan succeed at his position, at his age gives the fans a lot to cheer about. The two starts on Monday and Wednesday were complete polar opposites of each other. On Monday, Quick had to be limber and on his toes against the Avalanche. After allowing the first period goal to Nathan MacKinnon, Quick left the MSG crowd speechless. Wednesday was different in terms of the amount of shots he faced. Tampa Bay finished the game with 20 shots, having only Brandon Hagel‘s seventeenth goal of the year beating Quick.

Who Gets the Start on Friday?

Yet one question remains on the minds of Rangers fans everywhere: who deserves to start on Friday in Chicago? A case can be made for both goaltenders. On one hand, Quick is playing his best hockey in recent history. He gives the Rangers a fighting chance whenever he enters his crease. On the other hand is your starter, destined to regain the trust of both his team and the fanbase. Shesterkin is itching for a start and you can tell that he wants to make the best of it.

PREDICTION: Shesterkin gets the start. You could make the case if Quick earned a shutout against a pesky Lightning team. This week has allowed Shesterkin to work one-on-one with Rangers goaltending coach Benoit Allaire. Friday’s matchup favours New York and they will be a heavy favourite on the road against a struggling Chicago Blackhawks team.

Jimmy Vesey Deserves All of the Credit in the World

At one point in time, many were crying out for New York to provide depth scoring. The top six dominated the early months, leaving the bottom six forwards with doubt whether or not they will show up or not. Now, the script has flipped. Currently, the Rangers have a top line that is not producing offensively whatsoever. The second line has been providing most of the scoring, yet Wednesday showed that one player has sneakily been a weapon this entire season.

James Michael (Jimmy) Vesey can still surprise you just like he did when he was at Harvard. Tallying a brace last night, including a spectacular backhand past Andrei Vasilevskiy, Vesey can be the depth scoring that the Rangers need in the latter part of the year. His two goals last night improved his season total to 11. To put it in perspective, that is just two behind Alexis Lafreniere. Depending on what happens at the Trade Deadline, do not be surprised if Vesey has an integral role come April.

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