Here we go stirring up the proverbial NHL mill of rumours for the Ottawa Senators. The league is interested to know what relatively new General Manager Steve Staios’ direction will be for Ottawa. For Staios, he is still in the process of getting to know his own players. Also, he is taking the opportunity to build a rapport with GMs around the league.

All NHL rumours come from the original source and are subject to change.

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Rumours: Elliotte Friedman said live on the Hockey Night in Canada broadcast there was a specific name to come across his desk, Chris Tanev.

A name like Chris Tanev does make sense for the Ottawa Senators rumours to grow around. Staios has mentioned looking for professional players, or those that play a strong 200-foot game. For Tanev, at 34, he brings experience and will be able to provide the type of leadership the young Senators group requires. He is a 14-year professional hockey veteran. Moreover, it took Tanev a few years to become an NHL regular not until he was 24. Therefore, he knows the hard work required to be an NHL defenceman. Also, he still plays nearly 20 minutes a night for the Calgary Flames.

How Does This Fit for the Senators

Most desirably for the Senators, is that he is a right-shot D-man. They have been coveting one for some time. He can move well and plays hard on the puck. Given the Senators struggle in tight games, and in their own end, he would be beneficial.

Now in terms of validating these rumours for the Ottawa Senators, there are some things to consider. Friedman admitted to the fit, that Tanev is more likely seeking a playoff run to end 2024. This would mean that Tanev may become a target but more so in the offseason. Similarly, Staios said in his press conference on Thursday morning, “Long-term vision is extremely important to keep an eye on here with our group.”

Other Sources of Ottawa Senators Rumours

So, it does seem like there are a lot of discussions going on to generate Ottawa Senators rumours. Jakob Chychrun and Staios were both quick to shut down rumours of Chychrun wanting to be moved. In addition, it does appear that Staios does not seem too keen on moving a good chunk of the club. These are the players considered part of the young core, and essentially untouchables.

Conversely, one player who has become a source of rumours, and might not be a part of the core, is Erik Brannstrom. Like Brannstrom, other players make sense to move due to their impending free-agent status. Those players would include the likes of Dominik Kubalik or Vladimir Tarasenko. Unfortunately, Kubalik has not played well this year, especially from an analytics perspective. Also, he has not been reliable enough defensively, as your bottom-six guys need to help you lock down leads. He has been sitting recently, and as we have discussed, this will hurt his trade stock. Alternatively, for Tarasenko, Staios touched on briefly stating that he appreciates his all-around game, and aptitude to back-check.

The Vision and Plan of Steve Staios

As nice as it is for Staios to be able to wait around and really get a feel for his team, the offseason will creep up on the group. He has established there is a core group that will remain. However, outside of that group, and the desire to obtain assets for pieces that may otherwise be lost, it would make sense to make moves before the trade deadline. Although Staios is trying to be a savvy NHL front office executive and is announcing public, his appetite for making trades will be purely dictated by the market value.

We know the group is fragile, and making any kind of risky, loss of value trade, does not fit their plan. It appears that the management and players alike believe in this group. They have experienced costly injuries over the past couple of years. Hence, this falls on management, to fill the voids, with professional, two-way, grinders, who know how to win in the NHL.

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