The 2024 NBA Draft, considered a weaker class, may lend itself perfectly for underrated draft prospects to rise up draft boards. This is especially true when considering role players will be coveted in this draft due to a lack of star power. There are always teams looking for that diamond in the rough outside the lottery or even in the second round. Fortunately, there are some good prospects currently that may not be getting the love that they deserve.

Let’s take a look at the most underrated draft prospects in the 2024 class.

2024 NBA Draft Sleepers: Underrated Prospects

Dalton Knecht: Tennessee

Dalton Knecht’s emergence is certainly the most popular on this list, although he still has more ascending to do. He’s gone for 28, 36, and 39 points in his last three games respectively. These outbursts have helped solidify questions about first-round potential, but there are still plenty who don’t know how good a prospect Knecht is. He is a six-foot-six wing who’s a great perimeter shooter and also goes for highlight dunks when given a runway. Knecht has also shown he can provide great value as a cutter making him a great off-ball role player on offense. Currently, he isn’t the best lateral mover on defense, but there’s reason to believe he will be serviceable.

While he may not be an underrated draft prospect for much longer, his progress will be intriguing to watch.

Adama Bal: Santa Clara

Adama Bal has the archetype on the wing that NBA teams are usually very intrigued by. He’s a six-foot-seven wing who has taken on a lot of ball-handling responsibility for the Broncos. He’s also shooting 39.5 percent on the season from three on over four attempts per game. This combination of ball handling and perimeter shooting should make him very appealing to scouts as a possible ‘point-wing’ mold.

Bal’s had some big game performances averaging 15.4 points per game and recently scored a game-winner versus rival Gonzaga. Santa Clara has placed two first-round picks in the league for consecutive years in Brandin Podziemski and Jalen Williams. If the percentages and numbers hold, Bal should continue the trend and won’t stay an underrated draft prospect for long.

Baba Miller: Florida State

Many were hoping Baba Miller would have a breakout season in his sophomore campaign. Unlike the first two on this list, however, the numbers and big games haven’t been there for Miller this season. His physical tools might still be too intriguing to pass up though.

At first glance, Miller will remind you a lot of 2021 Rookie of the Year Scottie Barnes. While certainly not the prospect Barnes was coming out of Florida State, he’s still a fluid-moving six-foot-eleven wing. He’s the height of most NBA centers but moves fluidly enough that he may be able to guard all five positions. The title of underrated draft prospect mostly all comes from Miller’s drawbacks on offense. He’s shooting an abysmal 50 percent from the free throw line and hasn’t shown any real aggression on that end. This lack of aggression is what hurts his stock as he hasn’t provided scouts with many flashes that things could get better.

Even still, a defensive chess piece with his size and versatility shouldn’t be overlooked. If NBA development staffs can simply unlock basic offensive talents, he could become a steal.

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