If you’re a sports fan or just someone who loves watching live TV, you know that your favorite sports team’s live streams are often expensive. Having multiple choices for streaming channels is important, but it’s hard to find the right one. Streaming sports online is only half the fun.

Kodi, the versatile media player, offers a golden ticket to the world of live sports streaming, allowing you to watch everything from football and tennis to WWE, UFC, F1, and much more. However, navigating the Kodi ecosystem for reliable sports add-ons can be a maze.

Fret not, as we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to the best Kodi sports add-ons in 2024, ensuring you never miss a moment of the action!

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The best sports addons of Kodi take things to the next level and deliver a one-of-a-kind experience. Here are your best options if you’re looking for the best Kodi Sports addons for watching sports on Kodi in 2023. This guide will give you an overview of the best Kodi TV channels and Kodi sports apps.

10 Best Sports Add-ons for Kodi to Stream Sports on Kodi

Kodi Sports addons

Even though many great Kodi add-ons are available for watching sports, not all are current. Thus, below is a comprehensive list of the best Kodi TV channels and Kodi sports apps.  

  1. Mad Titan Sports
  2. Sport HD
  3. Rising Tides
  4. BBC IPlayer
  5. Asgard
  6. The Crew
  7. The EndZone
  8. Sportowa TV
  9. Centry Sports
  10. The Loop

Mad Titan Sports

Mad Titan Sports

Mad Titan Sports is one of the best Kodi Sports Extensions on this list, which allows you to watch live sporting events. With this Kodi addon, you can now enjoy live broadcasts of all your favorite games. It is essentially a sports-themed edition of the Mad Titan add-on. Its primary menu includes Live Sports, a Replay Zone, a Sports Networks area, and a Live TV section.

More than 15 sports are available to watch in real time in the Live Sports area. There are numerous international sports channels available on the Sports Network menu. Kodi TV channels include SuperSport, ESPN, NFL Redzone, Fox Sports, Arena Sports, etc.

Sport HD

Sport HD

Many factors contributed to Sports HD’s inclusion in our top Kodi Sports Addons list. Sport HD is an official Kodi addon for sports content. It’s available on GitHub in the Bugatsinho Repository and pulls feeds from SportHD.me and other websites. You can choose from Live Broadcasts, Sports, and the Best Leagues from the main menu.

You can always count on a comprehensive list of forthcoming events in the live events area. Before the big day arrives, the links are added. A green dot shows several options for accessing the offered games. The sports and top leagues tabs also provide improved navigation to similar category content.

Rising Tides

Rising Tides

You can view more than 15 distinct types of sporting events live using Rising Tides, a specific sports add-on. You can easily hop between streams because of how neatly everything is arranged. Kodi 19 Matrix users can install this add-on to watch live sports and IPTV/PPV content.

You can find Soccer Streaming, Live PPV Tournaments, Sports Activities, and more in its various categories.

There are a ton of international IPTV sports channels available right here, and you can watch them whenever you want. Live sections make it easier for you to stream by offering direct links to the sporting event you want to watch. However, you can only access the links 5 minutes before kickoff.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer Kodi addon is legitimate for watching sports on Kodi. You can find it in the Kodi repository under the name iPlayer-WWW. The add-on is well-developed to ensure reliable performance and allows users to access BBC iPlayer material within Kodi.

BBC iPlayer often offers several free sports and sports-related programming throughout the year. There are various sports to choose from, including football, NFL, tennis, and women’s football. However, it’s important to note that iPlayer is exclusively restricted to users in the United Kingdom.



The Asgard add-on for Kodi is among the best all-in-one add-ons available. It enables users to watch practically everything, including sports. The add-on sports component offers documentaries and replays of professional wrestling, boxing, and mixed martial arts matches.

A section devoted to IPTV allows users to watch live sports through various Addons. Some examples of these Add-ons include TV One, TV Choice, Distro TV, and Fluxus IPTV. With these extensions, you’ll have live and unrestricted access to everything you desire.

The Crew

The Crew

On Kodi Sports Addons, thousands of cord-cutters rely on The Crew to stream live sports and other content. The Crew is well known for its links to movies and television shows, but it also includes a section devoted to IPTV and sports. You can find this extension in The Crew Repository.

It ranges far and broad, touching on IPTV, sports, television series, and more.

Numerous sports categories include IPTV, the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, Boxing, FIFA, Basketball, Moto-GP, Formula 1, Cricket, Other Sports, and Sports Replays.

The EndZone

The EndZone

You can install the popular addon EndZone from the Grindhouse Repository to watch live sporting events and other channels. It has recently been updated to operate with Kodi 19 Matrix. Basketball, wrestling, boxing, baseball, and more are included in the EndZone Kodi Addon categories. If you’re an American sports fan, you should download this add-on. 

The National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), NCAA Football, Mixed Martial Arts, and Wrestling are all accessible from the main menu. In the following sections, you’ll find a complete schedule of all the sporting events unfolding that day. All these events will be streamed live, with links displayed 5 minutes before every series begins.

Sportowa TV

Sportowa TV

The Sportowa TV, which you can find in the Mbebe Repository, is an excellent sports-related add-on. You can access a direct link to a live sporting event with the Sportowa Kodi addon. The add-on also focuses on sports, but it takes an innovative approach. Rather than merely providing links, it offers a variety of scrappers to choose from. 

This add-on contains various categories, including VIPLeague, LiveTV, Crickfree, SportsBay, CrackStreams, and rojadirecta.

Each scraper listed above provides streams for all different kinds of events, which are categorized accordingly. You can view matches for up to the following two days. However, the links will only be refreshed when the event is getting close to commencing.

Centry Sports

Centry Sports

One of the top Kodi sports add-ons, Centry Sports features many live TV channels and sports events. Those interested in Kodi sports and Live TV can install the Centry Sports addon from the Centry Repository. Daddy Live, USTV GO, Live Football, Soccer Streams, the NBA, and the NHL are some of the subsections available.

The addon’s primary categories are “Live TV” and “Sports.” You may watch hundreds of live TV stations in the Live TV section. 

All of these have been scraped from services like Daddy Live and USTV Go. The former provides access to hundreds of international channels, whereas the latter supplies 90 of the most popular American channels.

The Sports tab is where you’ll find any available sports replays. You can find three stream scrapers on this page: soccer, the NBA, and the NHL. These are suitable for viewing the NBA, NHL, and European football leagues and competitions.

The Loop

The Loop

The Loop addon for Kodi is another sports-related addon. The Loop is a high-quality addition found in the Loop Repository. It provides users access to streaming apps, sporting events, replays, and highlights.

This addon gathers links from a variety of websites. It provides live and on-demand programming from television services located in the United Kingdom (UK), the United States (USA), and Canada.

CBC Regionals, Fan Zone, Fight Zone, Game Zone Replay, Golf 24/7, and NBC Sports Regionals are the categories that are now available. There’s plenty of material in each of these sections.

Kodi TV channels

Below is a brief detail on the best Kodi TV channels for watching sports on Kodi:

BeIN Sports on Kodi

You can get the sports add-on Bein Sports Connect for Kodi via the SlyGuy Repository. beIN Sports USA is a subscription-based sports channel that focuses on premier-level soccer matches, including coverage of Ligue 1 and other European leagues.

As a bonus, BeIN Sports also broadcasts various other sports, including rugby, handball, motorsports, tennis, and volleyball.

ESPN on Kodi

ESPN on Kodi

It is another reliable source for watching live sporting events on Kodi. The ESPN Kodi plugin delivers breaking sports news updates, a wide variety of sports categories, and much more. Live Streaming, Top Videos, Previously Acquired sporting tournaments, ESPN Originals, and ESPN Sports are some of the available options.

BT Sports on Kodi

BT Sport on Kodi

When it comes to sports, you can never find a better TV channel on Kodi other than BT Sport. The best part is it is an official Kodi add-on. Thus, you can easily access it via the official repository of Kodi.

52 Premier League games are broadcast each season on BT Sport and the UEFA Championships and Premiership Rugby. All of this is available in the BT Sport app.

Sky Sports on Kodi

Kodi addon For Sky Sports

Fusion is a must-have add-on for those who use Kodi to enjoy their favorite sporting events on Sky Sports. The plug-in rarely misses a program that is aired on the channel.

Sky Sports is an online service that provides access to more than ten channels. The network is well-known for its coverage of many sporting events, including online soccer broadcasts, cricket, rugby, racing, boxing, volleyball, and more.

Sky Sports is widely available because it is included in TV packages. But if you want to buy Sky Sports alone, it will cost you £20 a month on top of a Sky Entertainment TV bundle.

Amazon Prime on Kodi

Amazon Prime on Kodi

Several streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, have developed since the cord-cutting wave swept the globe. Recent years have seen a meteoric rise in Kodi’s popularity, making it the most widely used open-source media player for streaming. Add-ons for Kodi are like apps for a smartphone; they enhance the functionality of the media player.

It’s simple and quick to use an Amazon Prime add-on for Kodi. There is no requirement for you to become an Amazon member. The Amazon Prime Video library is available on any device with Kodi and the Amazon Prime add-on. 

Why Choose Kodi for Sports Streaming?

Kodi’s appeal lies in its flexibility and the vast array of content available through its add-ons, which extend its functionality to include live sports streaming. However, finding working sports add-ons can be challenging due to frequent takedowns and discontinuations. Our meticulously curated list of functional and diverse sports add-ons for Kodi is here to solve that.

Top 15 Live Sports Kodi Add-ons in 2024 (Editor’s Choice)

  1. TvTap: A port from the renowned Android app, offering an extensive range of sports.
  2. SportsDevil: A longtime favorite, now more reliable across various devices.
  3. Atom Reborn: Offers a vast library including movies, shows, and sports.
  4. Pro Sport: User-friendly, focusing on American sports with a straightforward approach to live games.
  5. iPlayer WWW: Offers high-quality live sports, but requires a VPN outside the UK.
  6. Apex: An all-in-one add-on with a focus on American sports, including live PPV events.
  7. Asgard: Contains almost everything, with a special emphasis on replays and sports documentaries.
  8. TvNSports: Offers a wide variety of sports, including replays and highlights.
  9. NBC Sports Live Extra: Access live events from one of the US’s leading sports channels.
  10. Rising Tides Add-on: Features live sports across 15 different genres.
  11. Purely Wrestling: Dedicated to wrestling, with extensive archives and interviews.
  12. Veilside: Provides a mix of live sports, movies, and music.
  13. Sports World: Emphasizes football but offers a variety of live sports channels.
  14. Halow Live TV: Known for live soccer and a wide range of sports content.
  15. Mad Titan Sports: Features direct links to sporting events, with sections for replays and live sports.

Installing Kodi Sports Add-ons: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Download the repository of your chosen add-on.
  2. In Kodi, access Settings > File Manager > Add Source, and enter the repository URL.
  3. Name the repository, then navigate to Add-ons > Install from Zip File and select your repository.
  4. Install the add-on from the repository via Install from Repository > Video Add-ons.

Why Use a VPN with Kodi?

To unlock the full potential of Kodi and its sports add-ons, a VPN is indispensable. It not only secures your streaming activities but also bypasses geo-restrictions, ensuring you have access to sports content from around the globe.

In Conclusion

Kodi, when equipped with the right add-ons, transforms into a sports enthusiast’s dream. By following this guide, you can set up Kodi to stream live sports effortlessly. Remember, the digital world is ever-changing, so keep your Kodi setup updated and consider using a VPN for an unrestricted and safe streaming experience. Here’s to never missing a game again in 2024!


Are Kodi Sports Addons Safe?

By itself, Kodi does not pose any security risks. However, a VPN is a must if you stream with questionable add-ons. 

How do I install ESPN on Kodi?

Once Kodi has loaded, head to the Add-ons menu and select the package installer button. Choose Add-on Library > Video Add-ons > ESPN 3 > ESPN 3 > Download from the menu.

How do I get Premier League football on Kodi?

You can watch Premier League football by downloading any sports add-on on Kodi. The best Kodi extensions to watch Premier League include Sportiva TV, SportsDevil, and Peacock. 

How do I add sports to Kodi?

Navigate to the Sports tab on your sports addon’s homepage to access a comprehensive library of your preferred sports broadcasts. 

How do I get BT Sport on Kodi for free?

The first step is to start Kodi. Access the Extensions menu. To install a plug-in, select its icon in the top left corner. To access BT Sports, select Video Add-ons from the repository’s menu.

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